Tips for the perfect holiday menu

Let us help you making Christmas preparations easier!

The Christmas dinner is always one of the highlights of the festive season, so it's no wonder that a full menu has to be prepared days in advance. With so much work to do, you can't let one wrong choice of spice or one badly seasoned meat make the whole meal less than perfect. We've collected a few tips for the perfect Christmas dinner.

Let’s not get too fishy

December is fish season in Hungary. Fish soup, salmon, and fried carp are simmering on every festive table. It's important not to cook fish on high heat for too long, as the ingredients in the heated fat are bad for them and can increase their calorie content. Use fresh green herbs, tarragon, basil or chives instead of salt! For flavoring, garlic, lemon, spinach leaves or even mustard is a great accompaniment. And for the best quality fish, just go to Red Lobster Halbolt on level -1 of Hegyvidék Shopping Mall.

Looks like meat is back on the menu!

Buying meat is always a matter of trust. If you want to put really good food on the table, it matters where and what you bring in. Good beef, for example, is bright red. It is firm to the touch and has a dense texture. Never be afraid to ask the seller: when did it arrive and where is it from? Avoid a long search for the perfect meat by going straight to Hússzabóság, also on level -1. 

Bejgli time!

It cracks, it spills, it burns, it dries out - baking Christmas bejgli is as challenging as pronouncing it for non-Hungarians. The secret is always to make the filling first. If it's too thin, the pastry will get soggy, too dry and it will fall out of the layers. Make sure it is completely cold before putting it in the oven! For the pastry, the butter, fat and flour must be mixed together quickly, before it melts, otherwise the fat may precipitate during baking. But most importantly, baking bejgli is just maths. Always measure everything! You may not have time to bake a cake with all the other things to do. This is when Pataki Cuki, located on the ground floor, comes to the rescue with a fabulously delicious selection.

You’re the wine that I want

With fish soup, carp, fish paprika, you need a more intense, full-bodied wine. However, the tannin content of red wines is not a very pleasant pairing with fish, so we recommend a special kind of shiller for fish soup. With beef, pork and venison, a full-bodied, tart wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Blaufränkisch is the right choice. What about bejgli and chocolate cakes? Well, when else would you open a Tokaji Aszú if not right after the main course of the Christmas dinner? For even more specific recommendations, tailored to the dishes, visit Bortársaság on level -1!

Prime places to do your bulk shopping

Fish check, meat check, cake check, wine check, what else do you need? Everything else, of course! Luckily, in Hegyvidék Shopping Mall, everything else is close at hand, because in Príma, Primagora and Prímapék (also on level -1), everyone can easily do their shopping, whether it's cabbage to stuff you need, bread for the fish soup or sweets to eat from the tree.

We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season!